Who we are

Tortillas Maya

We are a team of entrepreneurs seeking to elevate the quality and taste of Mexican gastronomy in Europe. Our objective is and always will be the maintenance of traditional processes for the elaboration of corn tortillas.


(CEO and founding partner)

I think it is very important that the protagonist par excellence in Mexican cuisine does not lose the roots, we have noticed that even in the major cities of Mexico has been degrading the traditional corn tortilla due to large industrialists who monopolize the Market Choking with price to the traditional tortilla of the area.

(Partner and Production manager)

In all the years that I have made tortillas, both in Mexico and abroad, I have realized that the main thing is not to divert the millenary way of making our traditional product. Tortillas unite us as Mexicans in and out of the country; Simply the flavors of our Mexico define us.

Our strengths

High quality ingredients

Elaboration 100% artisanal

High nutritional value

We follow quality standards

Specialized machinery

Distribution throughout Europe

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Committed to Quality