Tortillas de maíz mexicanas

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“A company committed to promoting an ancestral heritage that you can already acquire in your new online store”

Like everything in this life the company “Tortillas Maya” started from a simple idea that has been materialized in a successful project, becoming a benchmark in corn products in Spain.

“Tortillas Maya” is a company that little by little has been making its way and breaking down borders. It started with a small production for Mexican restaurants around Madrid, then expanded to more parts of Spanish territory. Nowadays it is a consolidated factory in San Sebastian de los Reyes, on the outskirts of Madrid, which supplies wholesale and retail corn products.

Through the opening of its most recent online store, all the public that enjoys corn tortillas and its wide variety of products, you can easily acquire them, regardless of the distance or the place where you are in. the peninsula you will get to enjoy an authentic taste of Mexico, without a doubt excellent news.

Edgar Reyes, founder of the food company, tells us, “I am very pleased with the quality of the product and realize that more and more customers are feeling the true flavor of Mexico with every bite of tortilla or corn aroma. really, nothing transgenic. “

It is said that Mexicans are children of corn and we consume it in its different presentations, which have come to Spain from the hand of “Tortillas Maya” company focused on making tortillas, tortilla chips, tamales, tlayudas, and even sell the dough.

And it is that the corn products distributed and marketed by “Tortillas Maya” follow this strict procedure of nixtamalization, which is the transformation of corn to tortilla. The process to produce corn tortillas is very old; it is said that it was the Aztecs who transmitted this procedure from generation to generation, which has lasted through the years.

In those times, the nixtamalized corn was ground into a stone metate to produce the dough that would later be processed into handmade tortillas, it is said that they were circles of approximately 20 centimeters in diameter, which were cooked in clay comales. The resulting product was called tlaxcalli by the Aztecs and later was baptized as “tortilla” by the Spaniards.

Nowadays, the corn in Mexico that is consumed mainly in the form of tortillas, is considered as a staple food in the daily diet of the population. It contributes a lot of energy for its high content of carbohydrates. In fact, they are rich in calcium, fiber and potassium.

It has been with this boom that “Tortillas Maya” has arrived in Spain, to its three years of existence it supplies corn tortillas throughout the Iberian Peninsula and soon throughout Europe, because it is in “Tortillas Maya” that you will find products such as tlayudas (originating in Oaxaca) or sweet corn tamales, the delicious tortilla chips (corn tortilla cut into triangles and fried) perfect for green chilaquiles or simply to accompany with refried beans and the only tortillas chipotle flavor, a product exclusive.

Corn tortilla is a very nutritious tradition that little by little has been incorporated into the Mediterranean diet, which is currently available to people who are celiac (can not consume gluten) as well as those who are vegetarians or vegans, without a doubt , the tortilla is a great companion for any dish and you can easily find it at

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