relleno de tortillas mexicanas

How to make the best stuffed Mexican tortillas

Is there a perfect formula in the kitchen? Is there something that everyone definitely likes? The answer is obvious and no, no longer only for the tastes of each, also for different allergies or food preferences, the best stuffed Mexican tortillas for you, is not the favorite of the person you have next. The good thing is that you have the possibility to try different stuffed Mexican tortillas until you find your favorite. For the moment, we will tell you some to savor, to surprise your guests or even, for children to enjoy! Do you sign up?

The most classic recipe for filling Mexican tortillas

Normally, when someone thinks of filling Mexican tortillas comes this to the head because it is one of the most widespread, either because it likes most people, because it is very easy to do or because it is delicious. Can you think of the ingredients you have? Indeed, the filling of Mexican tortilla par excellence has chicken breast, onion, green peppers, red peppers and tomato. Then give it a special touch with cumin, salt, pepper, garlic and what you can not miss, Chile! The amounts may vary depending on how many people you are, you can cook them for yourself, for two people or even for a dinner with family and friends, so that’s always going to depend. Do you do it this way?

The new star of the kitchen in the filling of Mexican tortillas: the avocado

One of the most revalued foods in recent years is avocado. It is also one of the ingredients that is most successful for the filling of Mexican tortillas, we will give you two ideas that we love, but in the end you can always experience in the kitchen and find the flavor that you like.

Stuffed with Mexican tortillas with avocado and salmon

This filling for Mexican tortillas is very fresh and delicious, it’s great for any time of year, but for the summer it’s ideal. Want to know what you need? You have to hand smoked salmon, onion, avocado, lettuce, a little mayonnaise and salt, easy to get true? To make the filling of the Mexican tortilla you only have to chop the salmon, the avocado, the lettuce and the onion in julienne, put it in a bowl, mix it with a few tablespoons of mayonnaise and salt. Then you just need to fill in the Mexican tortillas, and ready to taste! It is a recipe that requires no preparation and is to suck your fingers.

Stuffed with Mexican tortillas with avocado and mushrooms

This filling for Mexican tortillas is also very easy to cook and is juicy and delicious. You need mushrooms, avocado, garlic, salt, a little olive oil and cheese. If you are a great lover of cheese like us, we recommend you add more than one type, so it will have a much more potent flavor. You only have to chop the mushrooms in sheets or in tacos, as you like, and cook them in the frying pan along with the chopped garlic. To melt the cheese you can put it on the fajitas and put it in the oven a little, then put the mushrooms on top and add the chopped avocado. Delicious and simple!

Stuffed with simple Mexican tortillas for children

The little ones can sometimes be the hardest to please culinaryly. They may have qualms about eating certain things, such as vegetables, or even the aforementioned avocado, but there are stuffed Mexican tortillas that will get you out of a hurry quickly and they will love you. York Ham and cheese have saved more children’s dinners than anything else: pizzas, sandwiches, St. Jacob’s, Flamenquines… why not Mexican tortillas? Besides, it’s such a simple thing that they can help you cook. You just have to fill your Mexican tortilla with the ham and cheese, you can add other things if you like, like tomato, bacon, or even serrano ham. Put it in the oven so that the cheese is undone and it is warm, and ready! Do you like these ideas for filling Mexican tortillas? As you can see they are simple to cook and are also very rich. If you are not convinced by these ideas, you can always add to the Mexican corn tortillas The foods you like the most. Finding the best filling is complicated but the best tortillas await you on our website!

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